Yoo Lab


We, Neural Basis of Continuous Behavior (NBCB) lab, want to understand humans and animals' internal processes while they make continuous and interactive decisions. We work with humans, animal models, and computational models to address our scientific question. Specifically, we want to address normative behavior and neural dynamics of:

by using navigation/foraging/hunting task paradigm. We are eager to incorporate methods from various fields, including artificial neural networks and computational ethology.


Mar. 2021 Michael started the Neural Basis of Continuous Behavior (NBCB) lab in Institution for Basic Science (IBS) and SungKyunKwan University. We are actively hiring highly motivated postdoc, graduate student, and undergraduate internships.

Jan. 2021 Michael's paper with Benjamin Hayden got accepted to Nature Communications.

Jan. 2021 Michael's paper with Benjamin Hayden and John Pearson got accepted to Philosophical Transactions in Royal Society B.

Join Us

The kind of research we do requires a lot of teamwork, and we love working with people who are generous with their time, expertise, and creativity. There are also a few practical skills that would make you stand out as an applicant, but these are not strictly required. Our ideal candidates know some math and have done some programming. Does not have to be a formal degree but active self-studying on Coursera or other online sources can compensate for it (actually we value self-learning ability!). Also, a person who is not afraid of working with an animal will have a great time with us. Ultimately, we want a good citizen who values other people regardless of the background. This includes gender, ethnicity, religion, age, and others.
If you are interested in a postdoc, graduate degree, or undergraduate internship, please contact Michael Yoo.